"Writing a college essay is no simple task, yet it is not an insurmountable one either. Even though they consist of only a handful of paragraphs, they are very intimidating for the effect the essay has over one’s application. For me, it was important to write a solid essay in order to define myself as a strong candidate, showing I was more than just a few numbers. Moynahan helped me through this delicate process of dealing with a very personal subject while trying to organize a succinct idea and message for the essay. Through the drafts, the essay improved dramatically from a disorganized and frayed essay, into a polished and coherent final product. I highly recommend using Molly in your endeavors in applying for colleges, for having a sidekick to help you through one of the most vital aspects of this process is essential."

- Ian Janicki,
ETHS ’07, USC ’12

“Molly impressed me with her knowledge of how teenagers think and communicate; I know my son could easily relate to her and her guidance. Molly did not rewrite or reinvent my son’s work. She preserved the creativity, spirit, and themes of my son’s writing while enhancing it with her editorial skills and writer’s expertise. She was encouraging and very timely.”

- Parent of College Essay Student

Praise for Moynahan's writing:

“Moynahan’s...novel is about grief. It is also fun to read. Everyone should have a friend like [the narrator] Alice.” (Full Review) - New York Times Book Review

“Alice just as smart and funny as Holden Caulfield...[Her] voice is newly wise and altogether heartbreaking....Remarkable.” - Trenton Times

“Moynahan’s gift to her reader is this fully realized character; I found myself missing Alice’s voice.” - Chicago Tribune

“Moynahan’s smooth, playful prose is engaging.” - Publishers Weekly

“Well-told...moving...Moynahan has crafted an excellent story.” - Dallas Morning Star-Telegram